one of its kind photography exhibition, ‘Ellipsis –Between the word and Image’ will be presented by Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) this February. The two and a half month long exhibition will be inaugurated on 15 February at 5 pm at the Museum Galleries of JKK. This will be followed by a curatorial walkthrough of the exhibition by Curator, Rahaab Allana who will be explaining the intricacies and story of the exhibit.


A special attraction of the exhibition will be the previously unseen works from the archive of the City Palace Museum (Jaipur) that have been meticulously preserved and digitised over the last several years. The photographs chart Sawai Ram Singh’s assiduous engagement with photography as reportage and experimentation.


Drawing parallels with the ‘versatile ellipsis’, the works on display will bridge the past and the present, rhetoric and fantasy for the audiences. The exhibition will also reflect the role of photography as a global and intricate language which has activated discourses around allegory and objectivity. Not merely illustrative, the exhibition will focus on the ‘signature’ of image-making through a three-part display which includes:

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II:

This section presents rare works from the archives of India’s first established photographer-king, Sawai Ram Singh II of Jaipur. Bringing collection from the City Palace Museum, Jaipur; it will unveil the Maharaja’s early engagement with photography as reportage and improvisation. His works and some vintage samples from the Alkazi Collection will make one consider how early photography in the subcontinent reveals a fraught and collusive relationship between the colonial context, a regional counterpoint, and the modern breakthrough of lens-based practices.



The exhibits from PIX (a platform for South Asian practitioners now in its tenth year) will be a curatorial mixture of poetry, prose, and other narratives. The collection invoked from or published in PIX, is meant to provoke comparative readings – the visual as metaphor; the document as allegorical; and the elliptical, paradoxical, and objective as inextricably linked.



Nandan Ghiya:

This part of the exhibition will trace Nandan Ghiya’s photo-sculptural-graphic practice that reconfigures aesthetic relationships between authorship and originality thorough emergent, digital iconographies. Through vectorised surfaces, vintage photographs and spectral designs, the exhibit will reflect rhetorical complexity and parody within image-culture. It will emphasise on the organic impulses of meaning, questioning –the thresholds that need to be crossed, the boundaries that need to be stretched, the additions, subtractions and multiplications to form that need to be embraced in order to reframe the parameters of authorship and subjectivity.


It is to be noted that the exhibition is being presented by JKK in association with The Alkazi Foundation for the Arts (AFA), PIX, City Palace Museum (Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum) and Exhibit 320. The exhibition will be open for visitors from 16 February to 30 April from 11 am to 7 pm, on all days except Mondays & public holidays.